Ariana Sweets!

Welcome to a world of indulging sweets and delightful confectionaries. North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of exquisite Afghan sweets & fine confectionaries. Throughout the years Ariana Sweets has become synonymous with excellent quality, premium taste, and incomparable value. Since our inception in 1988 we have prided ourselves on delivering the greatest quality in our products and the utmost superior customer service.

Ariana Sweets seeks to provide our old customers with a sense of nostalgia with our ethnic Afghan sweets and indulgences that remind so many of us of our days back home in Afghanistan, and to our new customers we strive to give a new taste with exotic flavors that will surely make them want to come back for more. We have managed to find the right balance between a rich old tradition of preparing quality sweets and confectionaries and incorporating new methods of processing, roasting, manufacturing, and packaging so that the end consumer of our products can really taste the quality and appreciate the value our unique products offer.

We manufacture some items such as Nuqul (Frosted Almond Pearls), Shirpera (milk fudge candy), Roat (Afghani sweet cookie-bread), and we wholesale other fine sought after food products such as teas, candies, baklava, almonds, chickpeas, and raisins. We specialize in distributing such quality items nationwide to over 250 stores in the international foods market.